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Tenants Information Guide

Making an application

When you have found the property you would like to rent, you must complete and return to us an application form in full. The application form allows us to approach the owner of the property with all relevant information and obtain a decision in principle from them promptly. It is essential you enter your correct email address at this stage as should your application be successful, you will receive our referencing request via email.

When we have received this, we will approach the owner and go through its content. When we have a decision, we will contact you and advise you accordingly.

What happens after application has been accepted?

Congratulations! Your application has been accepted. It is at this stage that you must pay a holding deposit to reserve the property.

Our reference checks will ensure you are registered on the electoral roll and also confirm credit scores and employment information. We will also contact your employer to obtain a reference and will contact your previous landlord or letting agent to obtain a reference.  It is your responsibility to ensure your employer and previous landlord respond to our requests as soon as possible.

If we cannot conclude your referencing within 5 working days, your deposit will be returned and the property offered to other parties.

It may be that you will require a guarantor based on the outcome of your reference. If this is the case, your guarantor must complete an application form also and pay an application fee to allow us to reference him or her.

Preparing for move in day

Moving house doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. A little planning can go a long way. Below is a useful check list to use to ensure this day goes smoothly and that all the paperwork is completed correctly.

  1. Set up your standing order with the bank for your monthly rent payments. You will need to bring evidence of this to your check in appointment to show us before we can release keys to you.
  2. Ensure that you have transferred your deposit and first month’s rent into our bank account before you attend your appointment. Should there be a problem on the day or online payments / card payments not going through at check in, we cannot release the keys to you. We require cleared funds for the deposit and first month’s rent to be in our client account before a check in appointment can commence.
  3. Bring with you identification! We can only release keys to the person named on the tenancy agreement. You cannot send someone on your behalf. It is likely you will meet with a different member of our team on check in so you need to be able to prove your identification.
  4. Ensure that you have taken out adequate tenant’s contents insurance.

Move in day !

Attend our office at Lichfield for your check in appointment on time! If you are late, we may move onto the next appointment meaning you will have to wait. Please make every effort to be on time and ensure you bring with you

  1. Proof of standing order being set up
  2. Identification
  3. Evidence of contents insurance

At key collection we will provide a copy of the property inventory and explain how your deposit will be protected and who to contact in the event of a problem at the property.

When all the paperwork is complete, we will hand over the keys to your new home!

When you move into the property you should ensure you contact the relevant utility companies to set up your new accounts for gas, electric and water.
You should also double check the inventory you have been given carefully. Any difference in what is contained in the inventory should be noted and the amended inventory returned to our office within 5 working days. If we do not receive any amendments within this time, the original inventory as presented to you will be deemed as being correct and will be used to compare against the condition of the property after you vacate.

We will contact the council and ensure they are aware that you have moved into the property. You must ensure you pay your council tax! If you have a television, don’t forget it is a legal requirement to have a television licence. You should make your own arrangements to ensure you obtain one.

Your deposit

Under current law, all deposit must now be protected by a government approved scheme. We use “The Deposit Protection Service” custodial scheme. This means that we transfer your deposit to the DPS to hold until the end of your tenancy. Deductions from the deposit may be made at the end of the tenancy should there be any damages or rent due when you move out.

The DPS will contact you with your own unique pin number relating to your deposit. Please keep this safe. If you don’t hear from them within 14 days of your move in, please contact us so we can chase this for you.

During your Tenancy

Paying Rent

Rent must be paid on time. Remember, some banks can take up to three days to transfer funds into our client account. You should therefore ensure that you set up the standing order to leave your account 3 days before the due date to avoid any late payment fines.
If you are late paying, you will incur a fine. Subsequent late payments will result in eviction proceedings being started.

Problems with the property

During your tenancy should you have any issues relating to the property, it is important you direct these to the correct person.
If the property is managed by Jayman (and we will advise you of this at check in) you can contact our support team on the numbers we provide to you at check in. Please note, our property management team is separate from the team you have booked your viewing through.
If the property is managed by the landlord, you will be provided with their contact information. We cannot assist you or help with any maintenance issue if the property is managed by the landlord.

Under the terms of the tenancy agreement it is essential that any problems with the property are reported to the landlord or agent immediately without delay. This is to ensure that little problems do not escalate into more serious and costly ones. If you fail to report a problem that then goes on to cause further damage to the landlords property, you will be liable for the cost of repair.

Keep the property clean, tidy and well maintained

You must, under the terms of the agreement, ensure that you care for the property and ensure it is kept in good condition. This includes the gardens. Lawns should be kept mowed and hedges tidy. You should treat the property as if it is your own home. The property should also be kept well ventilated to avoid damp issues from occurring. Among other items, you must ensure you report to our support team; Leaks Drainage problems Fence panels Faulty appliances Security issues

Inspections and access to the property

If we manage the property, as part of our duty to the landlord, we will carry out inspections of the property on the 3rd month and then every 6 months that you are in the property. These inspections are to ensure that the property is being looked after and that there are no visible problems that need attention. We will contact you to confirm when this will be carried out – you do not have to be present at this appointment but if you wish to be please let us know.


If your property has a gas supply, we will need access once a year to renew its gas safety certificate. When the current certificate is close to expiring, we will contact you to arrange a date to inspect the gas supply and appliances and renew the certificate. You must allow access for this check to be carried out.

0800 111 999

At the end of your fixed term

When the end of your fixed term approaches, we will contact you to ask if you wish to renew your tenancy for a further term. Please note, any request taken at this stage are subject to the landlords approval and a renewal fee is payable. These fees are detailed in your tenancy agreement.

Giving notice to leave

If you wish to give notice, you should do so in writing to

Jayman, Property Management, 2, Bore Street, Lichfield, WS13 6LL.

Please ensure you give the requisite notice period that is stated in your contract. Notice must be given to end on your payment date. Ie, if your tenancy started on the 12th, the end date of your tenancy must be the 11th. Please ask for clarification if required when handing in notice to vacate.

If the landlord serves notice

If the Landlord wishes to serve notice to take back the property, we will contact you and confirm this in writing. We will also supply our “Leavers Guide” to ensure you are aware of the processes in vacating your property.

Your landlord can only serve notice to end your tenancy after the fixed term has expired providing you are not in any breach of the agreement.

If you do not pay your rent or are in breach of your tenancy agreement, enforcement action will be taken against you for damages and to evict you from the property.

Preparing to leave the property

Our “Leavers Guide” contains all the information you require to vacate the property and successfully regain your deposit monies. It is essential when you are leaving that you contact the relevant gas, electric, water companies to clear your accounts. We will require evidence that you have settled all your bills at the end of the tenancy.

You should also remember to divert your post and cancel any standing orders for your rent. If we continue to receive rent, we will charge you an administration fee for returning this money.

You will need to attend our office to hand over the keys and sign your key return confirmation. At this appointment, we will require your meter readings and confirmation that you have completed the check out steps.

We will require all sets of keys and any copies you have made during your tenancy. You will be charged if you are late bringing back you keys so please ensure you attend your check out appointment.

Do not leave keys at the property or post them back to us. You will be charged for any key you do not personally return to our office when you vacate.

Getting your deposit back

When we have the keys back, we will send out our inventory clerk to conduct a property check out report. He will compare the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy to that at the end, referring to any inventory and photo’s which were supplied to you at the start.

Any discrepancies will be noted and the report sent to the landlord. Your landlord may then choose to inspect the property himself

Any discrepancies will then be discussed with you and efforts made to negotiate with all parties to agree on any deductions.

If all parties cannot agree, the matter will be referred to the DPS Alternate Dispute Resolution Service. They will contact you to request evidence to support your claim and likewise contact the Landlord. They will then review both parties evidence and make a decision regarding the return of the deposit.

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